[Haskell-cafe] hiring PureScript coder

Dennis Raddle dennis.raddle at gmail.com
Wed May 16 06:25:43 UTC 2018

Hello list,

I'm have many years of Python/C++ programming experience professionally,
and I've used Haskell in my hobbies. But I'm now working full time as a
math tutor. Every day I get ideas for a web app that could help me teach
math, and maybe could eventually be for sale in the app store.

I'd like to write version 0.1 of this in PureScript. And because I have
more money than time at this point, I'd like to hire someone to get me
started. I'm thinking of asking for the following:

- set up a PureScript project that integrates with React

- write code that demonstrates using the kinds of features I'll need, like
React features, the HTML5 canvas, and JavaScript math notation libraries.

- be available for a couple of Skype or Hangouts meetings as I look over
this and have questions

Can I get some suggestions as to where to find willing PureScript
programmers, and a ballpark number of hours for this? I mean just an order
of magnitude... is this closer to 5 hours, 10 hours, or 50 hours?

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