[Haskell-cafe] profunctorial vs vanlaarhoven lenses

Paolino paolo.veronelli at gmail.com
Wed May 2 13:07:05 UTC 2018


I'm trying to write a lens for a datatype which seems easy in the Twan van
Laarhoven encoding but I cannot find it as easy in the profunctorial one

data Q5 a b = Q51 a (Identity b) | Q52 [b]

lq5Twan :: Applicative f => (b -> f b') -> Q5 a b -> f (Q5 a b')
lq5Twan f (Q51 a bs) = Q51 a <$> traverse f bs
lq5Twan f (Q52 bs) = Q52 <$> traverse f bs

data BT tt tt' b t t' a = BT1 (tt -> b) (t a) | BT2 (tt' -> b) (t' a)
deriving (Functor,Foldable,Traversable)
runBT (BT1 f x) = f x
runBT (BT2 f x) = f x

lq5Profunctor :: forall p a b b' . Traversing p => p b b' -> p (Q5 a
b) (Q5 a b')
lq5Profunctor = dimap pre post . second' . traverse' where
  pre (Q51 a x) = ((), BT1 (Q51 a) x)
  pre (Q52 bs) = ((), BT2 Q52 bs)
  post ((),x) = runBT x

The issue here is that I need to project type 'b' into 2 different
Traversable (sketched [] and Identity) so the traverse'  must handle both

Is the lq5Twan correct ?

Which simpler ways to write the lq5Profunctor we have ?

Thanks for help.

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