[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] brittany-

lennart spitzner hexagoxel at hexagoxel.de
Sun Mar 25 16:11:43 UTC 2018

Contains one big new feature:

- Implement module/exports/imports layouting (thanks to sniperrifle2004)

  See an example of how modules are layouted at
  or try it in the browser at

further (since, which was not announced separately):

- Support `TupleSections` (thanks to Matthew Piziak)
- One important bugfix: Retain strictness patterns (!/~). This bug was a bit more serious as it did not lead to errors and had the potential to silently change source code.
- ~10 other bugfixes and changes to the layouting.

See the full changelog at https://hackage.haskell.org/package/brittany-

This release does not bring compatibility with ghc-8.4 yet. As a consequence I believe that it will not land in stackage for the time being, so stackage users will either have to be patient or install manually by cloning the github repository (https://github.com/lspitzner/brittany).

-- lennart

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