[Haskell-cafe] BayHac 2018: Call for Proposals

Dan Burton danburton.email at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 18:17:26 UTC 2018


We are looking to fill out the BayHac 2018 schedule with talks and
workshops. Last year we had many wonderful (and lengthy) talks, thanks!
This year we are cutting down on the length of talks, as well as the
overall time dedicated to them. This will leave more time for hacking.
While we hope to accommodate everyone who desires to present, we are asking
for proposals this year, which may be rejected if we get more than our
limited schedule will allow.

Propose a talk: 10 mins to present, 5 mins for questions. Talks will be
recorded and uploaded to YouTube as they were last year.

Propose a workshop: looser time constraints, smaller audiences. Workshops
are interactive, guided lectures. Those in attendence will follow your
guidance to write and run Haskell code on their own machine. Workshops will
not be recorded. If we have difficulty fitting all talks and workshops into
the schedule, note that workshops will be strongly preferred.

Propose a set of exercises: no presentation necessary. We would like to
have recommended sets of exercises for BayHac attendees to try out and
discuss amongst themselves at their leisure. These can be pre-existing sets
of exercises, or novel ones that you create.

To make a proposal, please fill out this google form:


Thank you for helping us make BayHac a delightful, educational event for
all in attendance.

-- Dan Burton
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