[Haskell-cafe] Design of an extensible system

Paul aquagnu at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 07:16:56 UTC 2018

 > that Pandoc supported dynamically loading of extra plugins on demand.

It means .dll/.so. But also there are applications with pre-built 
"plugins" - you can not load them dynamically, but can turn-on/off 
dynamically (from a list of pre-installed plugins). It's useful too.

24.07.2018 09:07, Marc Busqué wrotes:
> On Mon, 23 Jul 2018, John Lato wrote:
>> I think you're attempting to optimize the wrong thing. In a dynamic 
>> language like Ruby, this approach makes sense because download times 
>> are a
>> significant fraction of the user's time, and otherwise the user 
>> experience isn't affected much because the code is basically 
>> interpreted either
>> way.
>> Haskell is primarily a compiled language. The total download size 
>> probably won't be significantly larger from downloading all modules. 
>> The cost
>> of recompiling/dynamically loading plugins will be expensive 
>> (relative to the rest of the user time), and payed with every 
>> execution. Plus it's
>> additional work for the developer to set up.
> What you say makes a lot of sense in terms of optimization. But, what
> about extensibility? Take for example the Pandoc package, which would be
> similar in design of what I'm trying to do. Say I want to add a
> converter to some mark-up format not supported by Pandoc, and that
> Pandoc team doesn't agree to merge my work in its repo or simply I don't
> have the time to wait until it happens. In this sense, it would be nice
> that Pandoc supported dynamically loading of extra plugins on demand.
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