[Haskell-cafe] Investing in languages (Was: What is your favourite Haskell "aha" moment?)

Tony Morris tonymorris at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 00:00:44 UTC 2018


This function was written over 15 years ago. I disagree with this
reasoning that though a lot of programmers are unwilling to make the
investment to learn (true), that this has consequences for the use of
Haskell (not true). Those same programmers have barely learned Java and
yet Java is pervasive through our industry. I learned this (nobody knows
Java) when I was working on implementing the JVM and I asked myself, "if
I am to implement this Java thing, does anyone out there actually know
it?" I quickly learned that the answer is no. In fact, I wrote a test
back then (~2003), subtitled, "but do you even know the basics of Java?"
and the best score to this day on that test is 4/10 (twice). I wrote
that test to debunk the common protest, "but where will I hire Java
programmers?!" The correct answer is nowhere, they do not exist.

Sorry for the diversion.

On 07/12/2018 12:03 AM, Bryan Richter wrote:
> cartProdN:: [[a]] -> [[a]] cartProdN= sequence
> This also made me realize of two things:
> 0. Haskell will never be mainstream, because there are not a lot of
> programmers out there who are willing to do the investment required
> for learning the necessary concepts to understand and write code like
> the one shown above.

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