[Haskell-cafe] Replace data constructors via meta programming

Olaf Klinke olf at aatal-apotheke.de
Mon Feb 12 21:58:29 UTC 2018


I suggest to use free monads. They reduce boilerplate a little. First, separate the variable form the rest of the syntax: 

data Prop v = Not v
  | And v v
  | Or v v
  | If v v
  | Iff v v
-- maybe GHC can derive this instance for you, given the appropriate language extension flag.
instance Functor Prop where
  fmap f (Not p) = Not (f p) 
  fmap f (And p q) = And (f p) (f q) 
  fmap f (Or p q) = Or (f p) (f q) 
  fmap f (If p q) = If (f p) (f q) 
  fmap f (Iff p q) = Iff (f p) (f q) 

Then use Control.Monad.Free from the package 'free'. It also has a template Haskell part. The function you want is called 'iter' there, and applying a context of type var -> Bool is simply fmap. Note that a Map from var to Bool does not always yield a total reduction, since your formula might contain variables that are not in the Map. 

data Free f var = Pure var | Free (f (Free f var))
instance Functor f => Monad (Free f) where
  return = Pure
  Pure a >>= f = f a 
  Free m >>= f = Free (fmap ((=<<) f) m)

type Proposition var = Free Prop var 
type Predicate = Free Prop Bool

-- F-algebras for functor f
class Functor f => FAlg f a where
  alg :: f a -> a
instance FAlg Prop Bool where
  alg (Not b) = not b 
  alg (And p q) = p && q
  alg (Or p q) = p || q
  alg (If p q) = not p || q
  alg (Iff p q) = p == q

eval = iter alg :: Predicate -> Bool
map_and_eval ctx = iter alg . fmap ctx

If feasible, remove If and Iff from the Prop type and make them binary functions on type Proposition var instead. That reduces the boilerplate further. 
-- Olaf

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