[Haskell-cafe] handling NULL value in database query with Maybe (or other ...)

Damien Mattei mattei at oca.eu
Tue Dec 18 14:43:35 UTC 2018

thank you Tom, it is the kind of answer that help me
i insert this and it is ok now:
forM_ bd_rows_WDS $ \(Only x) ->
      case x of
        Nothing -> putStrLn ("x =" ++ "NULL")
        Just x -> putStrLn $ ("x =" ++ Text.unpack x)
i had seen a such solution on web but thought the Maybe was the
solution, i hoped asked could avoid using sort of Null pointer as
mentioned in this article:
if someone else have a simpler solution email me

Le 18/12/2018 13:34, tom.stejskal a écrit :
> case x of
>     Nothing -> putStrLn "NULL"
>     Just y -> putStrLn $ Text.unpack y

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