[Haskell-cafe] handling NULL value in database query with Maybe (or other ...)

Damien Mattei mattei at oca.eu
Tue Dec 18 11:11:33 UTC 2018

unfortunately no i'm using  Database.MySQL.Simple
and the doc mention also:

Handling null values

The type of a result tuple will look something like this:

(Text, Int, Int)

Although SQL can accommodate NULL as a value for any of these types,
Haskell cannot. If your result contains columns that may be NULL, be
sure that you use Maybe in those positions of of your tuple.

(Text, Maybe Int, Int)

If query encounters a NULL in a row where the corresponding Haskell type
is not Maybe, it will throw a ResultError exception.

but when i put Maybe in my code like this:

forM_ bd_rows_WDS $ \(Maybe a) ->
      putStrLn $  Text.unpack a

i have this error at compilation:

*Main> :load UpdateSidonie
[1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( UpdateSidonie.hs, interpreted )

UpdateSidonie.hs:255:27: error:
    Not in scope: data constructor ‘Maybe’
    Perhaps you meant variable ‘maybe’ (imported from Data.Maybe)
255 |     forM_ bd_rows_WDS $ \(Maybe a) ->
    |                           ^^^^^
Failed, no modules loaded.

Le 18/12/2018 11:59, Paul a écrit :
> If you use Database.Sqlite.Simple library you need to declare returning
> type as "Maybe XYZ" mandatory., so type will be
> Only (Maybe String). When I forget about Maybe, I get then same error as
> you.
> 18.12.2018 12:16, Damien Mattei wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i have this query in SQL used by my Haskell code:
>>      let name = "A    20"
>> -- return the list of N°BD from WDS for a given name
>>      let qry_head_WDS = "select DNUM from WDS where DISC = ?" :: Query
>>      putStrLn "before query WDS"
>>      bd_rows_WDS <- query conn qry_head_WDS (Only (name::String))
>>      putStrLn "after query WDS"
>>      forM_ bd_rows_WDS $ \(Only a) ->
>>        putStrLn $  Text.unpack a
>>   works well if there is no NULL values in a database, but if NULL value
>> for field N°BD i got this exception at runtime:
>> before query WDS
>> *** Exception: UnexpectedNull {errSQLType = "String", errHaskellType =
>> "Text", errFieldName = "DNUM", errMessage = "unexpected null in table
>> WDS of database sidonie"}
>> *Main>
>> i need some code ,perheaps uing Maybe to handle the NULL value in the
>> field N°BD
>> i think Haskell have special feature to program this , i read the
>> article:
>> https://lukeplant.me.uk/blog/posts/null-pointers-vs-none-vs-maybe/
>> but for now i have no concrete solution....
>> Regards,
>> Damien
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