[Haskell-cafe] OT: compiler writing like company from EU like country having made more than 3e6 sales?

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Sun Aug 26 16:27:20 UTC 2018

Eventually its possible to get 150K of funding from EU to move
'knowledge' into Kosovo/Albania.

I've been missing a simple compiler with some features for a long time.

This might be a chance to get it done.

By features I mean

  - discus like region typing

  - ur like mixing of server/client lanugage

  - quick and dirty way to implement type level type deducations.
    Eg matrix * matrix => new type
    so that you also can type databases and the like.

    I know that Haskell is touring complete in this regard, but it also
    should be fast.

  - macro programming

Reply to this thread or private message if you think you own a company
which have been working in hosting or package management or the like and
is located within Europe including Switzerland.

Marc Weber

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