[Haskell-cafe] New Version of hmatrix (more ODE solvers)

dominic at steinitz.org dominic at steinitz.org
Sun Apr 22 14:25:18 UTC 2018

I am pleased to announce a new version of hmatrix:

This is not intended to be a breaking change but a lot of modules have been modified to ensure that continuous integration (which has now been set up) is green.
Support for SUNDIALS <https://computation.llnl.gov/projects/sundials> has been added. It should be possible to replace Numeric.GSL.ODE with Numeric.Sundials.ARKode.ODE and have your program work as before bearing in mind that the methods and error control might differ (even for those with the same names!).
The packages that comprise hmatrix are:

I am planning to split these up into separate projects to make it easier for contributors. To this end, I have created an hmatrix <https://github.com/haskell-numerics> organisation in github. Please contact me if you wish to become a member.

I strongly recommend anyone solving ODEs to look as hmatrix-sundials as the underlying package provides many more methods, more documentation and more diagnostic information (great when your 200 variable model fails). It is a truism that any sufficiently sophisticated ODE solver package is a domain specific language (I include the ODE solving part of GSL here). The current interface both to GSL and to SUNDIALS is somewhat rudimentary but will hopefully evovle to a nicer DSL (something at which Haskell excels).

Dominic Steinitz
dominic at steinitz.org
Twitter: @idontgetoutmuch

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