[Haskell-cafe] Failing Travis CI Build

Steven Leiva leiva.steven at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 12:45:25 UTC 2017

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to contribute to a smallHaskell project in order to break out of
structured learning via books into some real-world code.
Unfortunately, the pull request that I made (linked above) is failing the
continuous integration check. You can see a partial log before. The entire logs
can be found here.
I thought that this would work because:
 1. We are using the 8.20 resolver in our project.
 2. The 8.20 resolver includes QuickCheck, hspec, and quickcheck-instances.
 3. The dependencies are listed in the cabal file.

Am I missing something obvious? Is the above not the way it works?
Thank you for any help.

Logs                   Reading available packages...Choosing modular solver.Resolving dependencies...Could not resolve dependencies:trying: twilio- (user goal)rejecting: twilio-!test (global constraint requires opposite flagselection)trying: twilio-*testnext goal: quickcheck-instances (dependency of twilio-*test)fail (unknown package: quickcheck-instances)Dependency tree exhaustively searched.Configuring twilio- At least the following dependencies are missing:QuickCheck ==2.*, hspec ==2.*, quickcheck-instances -any

Not using Mixmax yet?  

Steven Leiva
leiva.steven at gmail.com
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