[Haskell-cafe] New Haskell Meetup in San Diego, California

erik eraker at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 06:24:00 UTC 2017

Hello Haskell Cafe,

We have decided to start a new Haskell meetup in San Diego, California:


Our initial goals are to cover both theoretical and practical aspects of
the language. More broadly, we'd like to provide a space for people to
discuss, learn, and further their Haskell understanding and to foster
awareness of and interest in the language in the community of professional
developers here in San Diego.

For our first meeting on January 10th, we're going to discuss Philip
Wadler's 1992 paper "Monads for Functional Programming".

If you're interested and nearby, feel free to join us. All are welcome to
attend, no Haskell experience required.


Erik Aker
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