[Haskell-cafe] stack, git, directory structure

Dennis Raddle dennis.raddle at gmail.com
Sun May 28 20:53:22 UTC 2017

I have a few basic questions about my project organization  using stack.

I'm going to have several executables and a hierarchical library.

For instance, let's say I'm going to call my overall system "cac" (computer
aided composition). I'll have imports like

import Cac.Util
import Cac.Search
import Cac.Search.Algo1
-- some modules that assist things
import XDoc
import XDoc.Parse

and so on.

I'll have executables named 'foo', 'bar', etc.

So would the following be correct?

- call the directory where I put all stack packages $PROJ

- call the top level of my specific project $PROJ/cac, which will have

- I'll have the following files and dirs:

   - modules:

   -  $PROJ/cac/src/Cac.hs
   -  $PROJ/cac/src/Cac/
   -  $PROJ/cac/src/Cac/Util.hs
   -  $PROJ/cac/src/Cac/Search.hs
   -  $PROJ/cac/src/Cac/Search/
   -  $PROJ/cac/src/XDoc.hs
   -  $PROJ/cac/src/XDoc/
   -  $PROJ/cac/src/XDoc/Parse.hs

   - executables:

   -  $PROJ/app/foo.hs
   -  $PROJ/app/bar.hs

Also, if I'm going to use git, would my .git/ directory be at
$PROJ/cac/.git/ ?

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