[Haskell-cafe] stack problems

Dennis Raddle dennis.raddle at gmail.com
Sun May 28 06:41:06 UTC 2017

Trying to learn stack. I'm following the tutorial on this page:


I built helloworld. Then I modified Lib.hs to include Data.Text.IO, as the
tutorial specifies. I typed 'stack build' and got the error that the text
package wasn't installed, as the tutorial says I would. I then modified
helloworld.cabal to have these lines:

  build-depends:       base
                     , helloworld
                     , text

and typed 'stack build' again. I got the exact same  output - an error on
building Lib.hs, 'Failed to load interface for Data.Text.IO. I checked that
I really modified al lthe right files and can't find anything I did wrong.
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