[Haskell-cafe] Accepted projects for Summer of Haskell 2017

Niki Vazou nikivazou at gmail.com
Wed May 24 19:14:12 UTC 2017

Hey all,

We are happy to announce the 15 projects accepted for Summer of Haskell
2017 and that the community bonding period has begun.

If there are people who would like to co-mentor a project, please let us

# Haskell.org projects

1.  Safe streaming with linear types

   Student: Edvard Hübinette

   Mentor: Arnaud Spiwack

2.  Improve the GHC Performance test suite

   Student: Shivansh Rai

   Mentor: Ben Gamari

3.  Haskell IDE Engine

   Student: Zubin Duggal

   Mentor: Alan Zimmerman

4.  Last Mile for cabal new-build

   Student: Francesco Gazzetta

   Mentor: Daniel Wagner

5.  Totality checking base with Liquid Haskell

   Student: Sean Leffler

   Mentor: Niki Vazou

   Co-mentor: Eric Seidel

6.  Modularizing haskell-mode and improving haskell-interactive-mode

   Student: Vasantha Ganesh Kanniappan

   Mentor: Gracjan Polak

7.  Haskey (an embedded key-value store modeled after LMDB)

   Student: Henri Verroken

   Mentor: Steven Keuchel

   Co-mentor: George Karachalias

8.  Improve the Shake-Based Hadrian Build System for GHC

   Student: Zhen Zhang

   Mentor: Andrey Mokhov

9.  GHC Performance improvements

   Student: Igor Popov

   Mentor: Jose Calderon

10. Improvement of Hackage Matrix Builder

   Student: Andika Demas Riyandi

   Mentor: Herbert Valerio Riedel

11. WebGHC (a WebAssembly backend for GHC)

   Student: Michael Vogelsang

   Mentor: Will Fancher

# code.world projects

12. Better collaborative coding features for CodeWorld

   Student: Parv Mor

   Co-mentor: Michael Chavinda

   Co-mentor: Anthony Green

13. Improvements to parsing, compiling, and errors for CodeWorld

   Student: Pranjal Tale

   Primary Mentor: Kyle Butt

   Secondary Mentor: Chris Smith

14. Exporting and sharing CodeWorld projects

   Student: Venkatraman Srikanth

   Primary Mentor: Theo Belaire

   Secondary Mentor: Han Wang

15. Improve editor tooling for CodeWorld

   Student: Eric Roberts

   Primary Mentor: Emin Karayel

   Secondary Mentor: Fernando Alegre

We would like to thank all students who applied for the quality proposals.
We received 68 so selecting the projects was extremely difficult. Yet,
three new positions opened during selection period to accept high quality

Summer of Haskell 2017 is made possible by our generous sponsors:

- [haskell.org](http://haskell.org) kicked things off this year by funding
a student and organizing the Summer of Haskell 2017 after a successful  [Summer
of Haskell 2016](

- [Asahi Net](https://asahi-net.jp/en/) is a Japanese Internet service
provider that has been running stable systems for over 25 years.  They are
a proud sponsor of the Summer of Haskell, and contribute to the Japanese
Haskell community.

- [Awake Networks](http://www.awakenetworks.com/) is building a next
generation network security and analytics platform. They are a proud
sponsor of the Summer of Haskell and contribute broadly to the Haskell

- [CodeWorld](http://code.world/) is an educational project that blends

 mathematics and Haskell programming into a visual playground.  Chris Smith
has volunteered to fund two students to work on CodeWorld in particular.

- [Digital Asset](http://digitalasset.com/) provides Distributed Ledger
solutions for financial institutions globally. They have developed a pure,
typed, functional, domain specific language for writing contracts, called
DAML. They are a proud sponsor of the Summer of Haskell and contribute
broadly to the Haskell community.

- [Facebook](http://facebook.com/) uses Haskell in its [anti-abuse
and as part of that effort we open-sourced the  [Haxl](
https://github.com/facebook/Haxl) framework which is being used at scale in
production to automatically parallelise data-fetching code. We're delighted
to be able to support the Haskell community's efforts by sponsoring a
student for this year's Summer of Haskell.

- [Fugue Inc.](http://fugue.co/) radically simplifies cloud operations with
its software-defined system for dynamically orchestrating and enforcing
cloud infrastructure at scale.  Fugue uses Haskell in its product and is
proud to sponsor a student to improve the ecosystem.

- [Galois](http://galois.com/) applies cutting-edge computer science and
applied mathematics to solve difficult technological problems,
delivering practical
solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.  Haskell and other functional
programming languages are key tools we use in providing these solutions.

- [IOHK](https://iohk.io/) is a technology company committed to using

 peer-to-peer technologies to provide financial services to the three
billion people who don't have them.  We implement our first-principles
cryptographic research in Haskell and we are committed to the development
of the Haskell ecosystem.

- [Tweag I/O](http://tweag.io) is a network of software innovation labs
across Europe. We develop novel solutions and products for our clients
around the world. Haskell is key to delivering fast, correct and
maintainable code. We have shipped Haskell in anything from tiny web
services to large high-performance compute clusters with custom hardware.
We're particularly keen to help the community grow Haskell into the
strongest systems programming language and ecosystem out there. We're very
proud to sponsor a student this summer to help make it happen.

Davean has volunteered to fund a student expressly to work on the [Hadrian

system for GHC](/ideas.html#hadrian-ghc). Steven Keuchel has provided funds
for a student to work on Haskey.

Niki Vazou & Jasper Van der Jeugt
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