[Haskell-cafe] Digital Asset is hiring Haskell programmers in NYC

Francesco Mazzoli francesco.mazzoli at digitalasset.com
Thu May 18 15:14:42 UTC 2017

TL;DR: We are hiring Haskell programmers in New York City. Feel free to talk
to me about it at the NYC Compose conference, if you are around. My badge
reads "Francesco Mazzoli" :). Or send me an email at
<francesco.mazzoli at digitalasset.com>.

Digital Asset is a FinTech startup developing distributed ledger technology.
Functional programming, and in particular Haskell, play a major role in our
tech stack, specifically in the implementation of our smart contract language,

DAML is a functional, typed, total programming language implementing a very
general way to formally encode contracts. The designers of DAML all come from
the Haskell community, with several members having a history of research in
functional programming languages. Thus, we care deeply about principled
solutions and formal methods. The team is currently based in Zurich and
Sydney, and we're looking to expand to New York City, where the company
headquarters are located. The job is on-site in Manhattan.

The open role focuses on the development of the tooling supporting DAML, which
is written in Haskell. The role can also involve development of production-
related components operated by our customers, which are written in Scala. You
can find a more corporate job posting here
<https://boards.greenhouse.io/digitalasset/jobs/493155#.WR2lfBOGOHo>, although
it does not reflect precisely the nature of this role. You can also find a
more corporate article about DAML here

If you're at the NYC Compose conference, then feel free to talk to me
(Francesco Mazzoli) about this job posting or about anything else you like.


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