[Haskell-cafe] Compose Conference Call for Participation [NYC, May 18-19]

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Call for Participation

Compose Conference 2017

May 18-19 2017
New York, NY



The practice and craft of functional programming :: Conference

Compose is a conference for typed functional programmers, focused
specifically on Haskell, OCaml, F#, SML, and related technologies.

Typed functional programming has been taken up widely, by industry and
hobbyists alike. For many of us it has renewed our belief that code
should be beautiful, and that programming can be as enjoyable as it is
practical. Compose is about bringing together functional programmers
of all levels of skill and experience — from technical leads to
novices, and from long-time hackers to students just getting started.

It will feature a keynote by Emily Riehl on aspects of category theory
and computation, and two days of great talks.

* Invited Talks
Emily Riehl: TBA

* Local Information (venue): http://www.composeconference.org/2017/

* Accepted Talks and Tutorials

Barry Burd - Teaching Haskell
David Rhodes - Learning F#: Case study with branch and bound
Edmund Cape - Multiplying by 1 - an important form of computation and
how it reveals distinctions between kleislis
Enzo Alda, et al. - Reactive Sheets: an intuitive approach to
functional‑reactive computing
Hezekiah Carty and Chris Donaher - Distrest - REST access to
distributed services
Hongbo Zhang - BuckleScript: Making functional programming accessible
to JavaScript developers
Jennifer Paykin, Kenneth Foner, Antal Spector-Zabusky - `choose` Your
Own Derivative
Joachim Breitner - Lock-step simulation is child’s play
Martín Ceresa, Gustavo Grieco - QuickFuzz Testing for Fun and Profit
Michael Chavinda - Android programming in Froid
Nikhil Barthwal - Implementing an Event-Driven Microservices
Architecture in F#: A case study of Jet.com
Nikita Volkov - New Hasql - a simpler, safer and faster Postgres client
Sebastien Mondet - Typed-Tagless Final Bioinformatics
Stephen Compall - Working with Monads in OCaml
Stuart Popejoy - Smart Contracts and Formal Verification with Z3 with Pact
Yaron Minsky - Data Driven UIs, Incrementally

* Full abstracts: http://www.composeconference.org/2017/program

* Registration: http://composeconference.eventbrite.com

* Follow @composeconf on twitter for news: https://twitter.com/composeconf

* On freenode irc, chat with fellow attendees at #composeconference

* Corporate sponsorships are welcome. Current sponsors list forthcoming.

* Policies (diversity and anti-harassment):

* Email us with any questions at info at composeconference.org

* Please forward this announcement to interested parties and lists.

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