[Haskell-cafe] Code Review Request - Unbalanced Parenthesis correction

MarLinn monkleyon at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 17:49:30 UTC 2017

Hi Michael,

I think you're making your own task harder than necessary. For one 
thing, -XViewPatterns is nice, but in this case they hide some of the 
structure. Most importantly, they hide that all the special null-cases 
are actually unnecessary because the normal cases already cover them. I 
would further advise to use layout to reveal even more structure. That's 
especially useful when you later convert the explicit recursion into a fold.

But even then, on a different level you're still working too hard: 
You're parsing the string and building/correcting the tree in one step. 
Why not create the tree, convert the tree, and then read out the tree in 
three steps? It's still the same complexity class but much easier to 
write and read. And once you are free to think of the tree manipulations 
on their own it might help recognize optimizations like those the 
solutions of other commenters use.

That's not to say your modifications are useless. But the exploratory 
phase seems too early to apply them.


On 2017-03-21 17:53, Michael Litchard wrote:
> I'm prepping for a coding interview, and am examining the task of 
> correcting unbalanced parentheses. The finger tree seems to be the 
> right data structure. As a proof of concept I've used |Data.Sequence| 
> to test my idea. If this is the right direction to go, I'll write more 
> specialized finger tree code. The code works on the few test cases I 
> have tried. Feedback appreciated.
> |{-# LANGUAGE ViewPatterns #-}moduleParenthesis whereimportBasicPrelude 
> hiding (concat,null,empty)importData.Sequence hiding 
> (length)importData.Foldable hiding (length,null)balanceParens ::String 
> ->String balanceParens str =go str []empty wherego [][](null 
> ->True)=[]go [][]parens =Data.Foldable.toList parens go 
> ('(':xs)[](null ->True)=go xs [RP](singleton '(')go (')':xs)[](null 
> ->True)=go xs [](fromList "()")go ('(':xs)debit parens =go xs 
> (RP:debit)(parens |>'(')go (')':xs)[]parens =go xs []corrected 
> wherecorrected =('('<|parens)|>')'go (')':xs)(RP:debit)parens =go xs 
> debit (parens |>')')go (_:xs)debit parens =go xs debit parens go 
> [](RP:debit)parens =go []debit (parens |>')')|
> example:
> |balanceParens "))(""(())()"balanceParens ")))""((()))"|
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