[Haskell-cafe] Tools to assist with development cycle of hackage packages

Ertugrul Söylemez esz at posteo.de
Fri Mar 17 11:31:54 UTC 2017

> Are there any tools that I haven't found that make this process a bit
> more painless? I'm a bit new to this area, and I've only started using
> git recently as a prelude to uploading my Haskell packages, so
> admittedly I may have missed something obvious or perhaps I'm just
> doing it all wrong.

Yes.  Instead of creating a new repo, clone a template repo, then just
replace every instance of "SKELETON" by the new project's name -- a
script can do that.  Bonus: if you have to make a change to all your
projects, just change the template and then merge.
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