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Bhaskar Mookerji mookerji at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 19:39:54 UTC 2017


I work at Swift Navigation, a high-accuracy GPS receiver manufacturer in San
Francisco. We are currently looking to grow out our platform infrastructure
in the next few months and have **several positions** open for experienced
Haskell developers. We definitely are open to remote candidates.

You can **apply through the posting** here:
https://jobs.lever.co/swift-nav/eb80d943-8157-4c9b-afef-8fe98d287c28. The
of this is reproduced at the end of the email.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me directly at
mookerji at swiftnav.com.

* About the Work

We are a very small team supporting a zoo of libraries and internal
services at
Swift, including a mature ETL pipeline for evaluating our hardware product,
well an upcoming real-time GPS data product. We open source our work where
possible and appropriate

The ideal candidate will have experience designing and implementing Haskell
backends in a commercial web services environment. A Haskell open-source
background or production experience using another functional programming
language (Scala, Clojure, Erlang, etc.). would also work. We value good
communication skills, technical fluency, and responsibility in our
and would enjoy seeing these personal qualities in future contributors.

* About the Company

We design, test, manufacture, and sell a Linux-based GPS/GLONASS receiver
machine automation applications, specifically targeting the autonomous
market.  Our work environment is very multidisciplinary, with ~30 engineers
covering many areas of engineering (electrical/firmware, embedded Linux,
statistics, satellite navigation, web, etc.). You definitely don't need
knowledge of these subjects to work here, but you may find it a refreshing
change of pace from typical web app development.

You can read more about the product here:



Swift Navigation is looking for an outstanding software engineer in web
infrastructure. You will work with a small team to push the state of the
art in
satellite navigation technology, making high accuracy positioning
ubiquitous and
easy to use across a wide variety of industries and applications in unmanned
aerial vehicles, robotics, and autonomous transportation.

As a member of the infrastructure team, you'll contribute to software
for upcoming networking services as well as internal infrastructure shared
broadly by Swift's R&D teams:

* Services for Networked Sensors. Service-oriented architecture, scientific
  modeling services, and distributed message brokers for connected satellite
  navigation receivers.
* Integration Infrastructure. Much of our current work involves rigorously
  demonstrating that our hardware product works as intended when leaving
the lab
  for a variety of customer scenarios in real-world environments. You'll
  and use automation frameworks and assemble instrumentation for
  hardware-in-the-loop testing, fault injection, and regression testing
  these scenarios, as well as data analysis pipelines and metrics
monitoring for
  test units under firmware and manufacturing validation.

Candidates should have skills and experience with:
- Software engineering in a production environment (commercial web services)
- Algorithms, data structures, distributed systems, and relational databases
- Haskell, or other typed functional programming languages
- Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its related ecosystem (Docker, etc.) for
  application automation and monitoring
- Exceptional problem solving, communication, and collaboration
  skills. Flexibility and enthusiasm for learning new programming languages,
  tools, and ideas.

Strong candidates will also possess skills in one or more of
- Infrastructure engineering for "real-time" sensor networks
- Python / NumPy / SciPy / Pandas, R and other analysis/scripting platforms
- Version control tools (git), software automation
- Open-source development
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