[Haskell-cafe] Shout out for Chinese(?) speakers of Haskell

Anthony Clayden anthony_clayden at clear.net.nz
Sun Jul 30 23:24:16 UTC 2017

Is there a Chinese language(s) equivalent to StackOverflow
or reddit or haskell-cafe?

I'm asking because someone keeps posting to Trac
with beginner/intermediate level questions.
They're posting code that doesn't work/doesn't compile,
and expecting Trac support to 'fix' it.

Clearly they do not speak good English,
because they're not explaining what they want the code to do
(despite several requests).
There have been some comments via Google translate,
which isn't well versed in Haskell terminology (no

Their first few tickets had narrative in Chinese characters.
Looks like traditional script, so they're maybe
a Cantonese speaker; or in Taiwan(?)

Thank you

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