[Haskell-cafe] any cloud computing services for running Haskell?

Sang Hak (Andy) Chun sanghak at andychun.info
Sun Jul 16 22:48:16 UTC 2017

Hey Dennis,

I'm not aware of any cloud services that offer Haskell-specific 
services; however, you should be fine on many mainstream cloud services 
(AWS, Azure, etc.) as long as you write your program so that it uses 
multiple threads/CUDA/whatever. There's nothing special about programs 
that come out of GHC.

You may be interested in packaging your program in a Nix environment if 
you intend to run your program across many different environments.

On 7/16/2017 1:20 PM, Dennis Raddle wrote:
> I'm thinking of using cloud computing services for running my 
> CPU-intensive parallel Haskell code, in order to get results faster. 
> Instead of buying a faster computer, I would take advantage of 
> existing services.
> Note that my budget is small, so I need something that doesn't have a 
> large minimum charge. I'm thinking $10 - 30 per month.
> Are there any cloud services like that that run Haskell?
> D
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