[Haskell-cafe] gloss from ghci

Johannes Waldmann johannes.waldmann at htwk-leipzig.de
Fri Jan 20 21:34:25 UTC 2017

Dear Cafe -

I am trying to use  gloss
from ghci. The "display" command will open a window
and draw the picture on it just fine.

But when I close this window by hitting ESC,
ghci  prints   <interactive>: interrupted
and exits, so I'm back at the shell from where I started ghci.

This is somewhat annoying - especially since ghci's
command line history does not get written,
so when I re-start it, I have to re-type
(work-around: before "display", close ghci,
this will write history, then restart and draw. Ugly.)

The gloss FAQ suggests  ghci -fno-ghci-sandbox
but this does not help (ghci still exits,
this time, without printing the message).

- J.

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