[Haskell-cafe] Extensions to Haskell 98 in the GHC Prelude?

Dylan Thurston dpt at bostoncoop.net
Thu Feb 23 15:59:31 UTC 2017

Pardon me if this is a stupid/frequently asked question...

The GHC Prelude has some extensions to the Prelude in Haskell 98 or
Haskell 2010. For instance, it has the Applicative type class, whose
bindings overlap with some old code of mine. Where are these
non-standard extensions documented? The Applicative class is
documented at


but it's not picked out as something non-standard.

I didn't find it documented where I would have expected in the GHC docs at


nor did I see a way to get a standards-compliant prelude?

In this particular case I'll probably rework my code, as Applicative
seems like a reasonable core addition. (I am a little annoyed that it
uses so many short infix operators; I was using (*>).) I'm just
surprised not to see it documented anywhere.

	Dylan Thurston

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