[Haskell-cafe] segfault with Hint (InterpreterT)

Niklas Hamb├╝chen mail at nh2.me
Fri Feb 3 15:10:46 UTC 2017

There are also some other quick things you could try (unless you've done
that already), e.g. making sure that all C code is compiled with `-g`,
and use gdb to attach to the dying process (or the `core` dump file that
your OS may write when the segfault happens) and use `bt` to check if
the segfault is actually in the Haskell runtime or not.

And then of course, if your code is open-source, you might also be able
to provide it as a whole before putting in the effort to minimise it.


On 03/02/17 15:19, Dennis Raddle wrote:
> You are right, I should try to construct a minimal example. I was hoping
> there might be some bit of information that could guide me in what to
> try, as far as taking my rather large program as-is and varying it.
> Constructing a minimal example will be, potentially a lot of work and
> may not even segfault -- but that is how it works, you are right, one
> must provide a minimal example or at least some actual code.

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