[Haskell-cafe] Project hosting platform - looking for new developer

fr33domlover fr33domlover at riseup.net
Fri Feb 3 11:40:44 UTC 2017

(tl;dr Git and Darcs hosting platform with planned federation written in Yesod,
I'm looking for someone excited about the idea to take over development)

Hello Haskellers,

Several months ago I started developing a project hosting platform called
Vervis. It's written in Haskell using the Yesod web framework. The intention
was to make it federated and allow people for the first time in git (and darcs)
history to enjoy both the full access to the community and avoid the
proprietaryness and centralization of githu8.

I'm probably still really a beginner and I never made any web application
before Vervis, or even an actual mature stable software project. But I made
huge progress with Vervis very fast, and I created something you can actually
see with your eyes :)

However due to certain life preferences I stopped working on it and I may never
go back to it. But I was hoping someone else would want to continue its

The code is hosted both at Darcs Hub and in a Vervis instance, so the project
is self-hosting:


I didn't work on design much, just focused on functionality. Among the unique
features already present one one way or another:

- Supports both Git and Darcs
- Rendering of documents using Pandoc, supporting more formats and variants than
  any other platform could
- Support of Libravatar for user avatar images
- Flexible integrated system for project management and issues, on the level
  you can find in project management platforms, but here it's integrated into
  the code hosting platform itself
- Hierarchical discussion threads
- A single project can contain more than one repo, i.e. repos can share the
  same project plan and the same issue database
- Merely being written in Haskell and Yesod makes it very stable once it builds

There are still many quirks, including the UI of the registration system and UI
in general, so I'm sorry in advance if you try to create an account there and
get errors or confusing UIs. It's not polished or anything yet.

I also made several support projects and implemented some helper tools, such as
some support for parsing darcs repos (attoparsec stuff that can and maybe
should be merged into Darcs itself), SSH server component that uses an improved
version of the ssh package, hierarchical SQL query API with an interface similar
to the FGL library, code for working with git repos... and probably
more things I'm forgetting.

If you have any questions, I'm here to answer :)

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