[Haskell-cafe] Crossreferenced codebase for Stackage LTS 9.2 available

Robin Palotai palotai.robin at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 05:41:47 UTC 2017

To find out who else uses your favorite functions and how:
http://stuff.codereview.me/lts/9.2 .

For example, click 'async' at
to get all the callsites of that method.

There are additional files available at http://stuff.codereview.me/ if you
want to serve the xrefs locally, or merge your own packages into the index
(assuming you use the same stackage lts version).

A request: the crossreferencing is pretty usable, but far from complete. If
you find any issues (missing crossreferences or bad ones), please have a
look at the buglist at https://github.com/google/haskell-indexer/issues,
and thumbs-up any that you find hurting, or open new ones!

Thank you & happy code browsing,
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