[Haskell-cafe] hash map/associative structure

Ketil Malde ketil at malde.org
Sun Apr 30 07:44:09 UTC 2017


I've been using Judy arrays as a fast and even more importatnly, compact
associative structure.  Infortunately, I'm getting occasional segfaults,
and I'm unable to find anything wrong with my code.  Others also report
something similar.  The Debian maintainer of libjudy made a version
without some dubious optimizations, but that didn't help...at least
not substantially.

So the question is, what is a good replacement?  I just need Word64 ->
Integral, but again, I expect to fill all of main memory with data, so
memory compactness is important. Anything using trees and boxed values
(e.g. Data.IntMap and friends) out.  I only need to be able to insert,
modify (add one), and finally extract the key-value pairs
(e.g. 'elems').

Any suggestions?

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