[Haskell-cafe] Should I report a bug on GHC 7.10.3, or is it past it's end-of-life?

Ramin Honary ramin.honary at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 10:14:36 UTC 2017

I'm getting an "internal error: evacuate: strange closure type" in GHC
7.10.3. Should I report it? Would it even do any good? It doesn't seem
there is any more development on the 7.10 branch anymore. If it is still
being developed, should I try updating my GHC to a more recent build of

Looking at the core dump file, it appears to be a problem in the garbage
collector. I've done a bit of work trying get around the bug, including
using -dcore-lint and -O0, and updating my dependency libraries, and I can
still reproduce the issue very regularly in my own environment by calling a
single method in my code base, either in GHCi or in a compiled binary test
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