[Haskell-cafe] [JOB] Summer contracting opportunity for CodeWorld

Chris Smith cdsmith at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 07:09:42 UTC 2017

Hello, Haskellers.

I'm happy to announce a summer contracting opportunity helping to create
documentation and educational materials for the CodeWorld project.

CodeWorld (https://code.world) is a platform (and soon, a curriculum) for
teaching mathematics via Haskell programming to children at the U.S. middle
school level (ages 11-14).  For more information about the CodeWorld
project and its motivations, I can refer you to my recent BayHac
presentation at https://youtu.be/7CGuI9HcfqQ

Start: Early June
End: Mid-August (but flexible)
Full-time commitment
Anticipated compensation: US$1500 / week
Working remotely is expected, with the possibility of one week of required

As part of this position, you will work closely as a team with two other
full-time writers to create detailed educational materials for use with the
CodeWorld platform.  You will be the team's expert on computer programming
and the Haskell programming language.  Other team members have expertise in
mathematics education, and general and special needs education.  The team's
over-arching goal will be to produce objectives, instructional video
scripts, visual aids, reference documentation (online and offline),
pencil-and-paper activities, classroom activity planning, assessments, and
any other resources necessary to support the success of this curriculum as
a year-long class in schools.

You should expect a typical day to include writing, editing and reviewing
the content of others, planning objectives and content sequence,
brainstorming activities and resources to help with content units, and some
debate and consensus-building with the team on important design decisions.
All artifacts produced during the job will be released under open source
and/or Creative Commons licenses, suitable for use without charge by
schools and organizations around the world.

- Strong knowledge of Haskell programming language fundamentals.
- Excellent writing and communication skills (in English), and in
particular, an ability to explain technical ideas to an audience of
beginners in a compelling way.
- A mathematics and/or education background would be beneficial, but is not

For this position, you will be a contractor for the New York Haskell User

Resumes can be sent to cdsmith at gmail.com.
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