[Haskell-cafe] Dynamic Programming exercises

Michael V. Antosha michael.antosha at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 22:18:49 UTC 2017

On 4/12/17, Michael Litchard <litchard.michael at gmail.com> wrote:
> I found the below link to be an illuminating read in regards to how to
> approach dynamic programming in haskell.  [...]

Thank you for mentioning that blog post, Michael!
It was a really inspiring reading for me.

> I'd like suggestions on problems that could be solved by the approach
> elucidated below.

I think you could try searching through problem archives at
competitive programming sites for problems with tags, say, "dp" or
"dynamic programming".
Like this one:


Specifically, I tried the 455A/456C "Boredom" problem to test the
approach you mentioned.


It worked fine for me  :)

Michael V. Antosha
xmpp:m at mivael.in.ua   (Jabber ID)

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