[Haskell-cafe] Same code, system, but different arch using Win32 for reading registry.

Akos Marton makos999 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 19:51:31 UTC 2017

Dear Haskellers,

The setup:
Having a binary compiled on either x86 or x64 system (same installation, 
utilizing stack) in order to preserve compatibility against x64 systems. 
Actually, not to have 2 separate executable for each, that would be the 
overall goal. However it surprises me when running the x86 .exe 
utilizing Win32- package with ghc-8.0.2, reading out a registry 
key fails on x64 system with the following:/

/me.exe: RegOpenKey: invalid argument (The system cannot find the file 

That would be fine, however the key does exists. When same code, same 
system, but the .exe built to be x64 it runs like a charm.

A couple of question, which some of them eventually will not make sense, 
but still:
- Can it be ghc code optimization issue?
- but this is a runtime check in IO, if so, how?
- Yes, I could use a built-in windows system command and parse the input 
of that; unless absolutely necessary I would not introduce another 
dependency (system package). Would love to solve it with the currently 
utilized weapons.
- the issue just puzzles me... I would know the answer if possible.
- Is it more library (Win32), ghc, binary I generate, issue?

What library can I use to detect a system's architecture which works in 
this scenario?

Another thing which convoluted in the issue...
The function, /getSystemInfo :: IO SYSTEM_INFO, /can read out the 
underlying architecture. When compiled on x86 and run on x64 it would 
tell me: "I am running on x86". That's failure.

Most importantly: what is the obvious I am missing?

Thank you for your insights!
Best, Akos

Ps.: Would you/we need sample code to puzzle about I can quickly weld 
one. - not sure if necessary.
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