[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] etc-0.0.0 Declarative configuration spec for Haskell projects

Yuji Yamamoto whosekiteneverfly at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 00:28:44 UTC 2017

This may be the one I've wanted for a long time.
As you I've often felt it's very tedious to manage the source of
configurations (from the file? CLI argument? etc.).

I'm going to read it in detail later, but I have one question after the
first look:
Why is it configured in YAML? When I tried to make a similar library, I
thought it was a monadic DSL in Haskell that matches the need best.
I'm interested in the reason!

Thanks for the interesting library!

2017/04/07 午前3:56 "Román González" <romanandreg at gmail.com>:

> Is my pleasure to announce a new library for managing configuration values
> on Haskell projects.
> Some features:
> * Have a versioned spec of all values your application can accept
> * Provides an API for gathering values from multiple sources (files,
> overwrite files, cli arguments, environment variables) and then composing
> them into a single configuration map
> * Gives a sane precedence over sources of the configuration value sources
> * Provides inspection utilities to understand why the configuration is the
> way it is
> * Provides an API that abstracts away the source of configuration values
> and allows easy casting into record types your application or other
> libraries understand
> * Supports both configuration files in JSON or YAML (when cabal flags are
> used)
> * Dynamically generates CLI inputs from spec configuration file
> Any feedback, or comments feel free to create a ticket or send me a tweet
> over at @romanandreg
> Cheers.
> Roman Gonzalez.-
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