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Henk-Jan van Tuyl hjgtuyl at chello.nl
Sat Apr 1 15:32:14 UTC 2017

It seems to me that beginners can also profit from this newsletter.

Thanks for the initiative, Haskell World News Team! I hope to see some
articles about Monadology[0], infinitely diluted bugs[1] and CAD
(Clairvoyance Assisted Debugging).

Henk-Jan van Tuyl

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monadology

On Sat, 01 Apr 2017 07:22:55 +0200, Atrudyjane via Haskell-Cafe
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> That sounds like a great idea. As a beginner just starting a first  
> project, piecing together bite sized info from weblogs all over the  
> place does take a lot of time. Would this publication be useful for  
> beginners as well?
> Regards,
> Andrea
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> Fellow Haskellers,
> Over the years, a number of newsletters have been produced on news and  
> developments in the Haskell world. There has been the venerable Haskell  
> Weekly News, under multiple editors. More recently, the Haskell Weekly  
> was started. These have been great publications. Nonetheless, in some  
> ways they have been too ambitious, and in other ways, not ambitious  
> enough. Too ambitious in seeking to publish weekly -- a grueling  
> schedule, doomed to sporadic lapses. Insufficiently ambitious in being  
> just roundups of articles by others. The Haskell world is maturing, and  
> it needs a publication that can reflect that, with in-depth reporting,  
> original research, and feature stories. That takes time to produce, and  
> resources. I'm happy to announce the launch of Haskell World News, a  
> subscription-only PDF newsletter with exclusive content that will break  
> new stories and cover the world of Haskell programming in a manner that  
> befits its emerging commercial success.
> Why subscription-only, you may ask? Because print media, and  
> subscription media, is serious media. Fly-by-night weblogs report false  
> theorems all the time. The wave of the future is not bite-sized tweets  
> and open-letters on medium. It's shoe leather reporting that gets to the  
> real stories.
> To give just one example of the sorts of things we hope to cover --  
> everyone agrees Elvis Presley would have been a Functional Programmer.  
> But would he have used Haskell, or OCaml? It takes time and resources to  
> contract a medium to hold a seance and ask his spirit. And those are the  
> resources that Haskell World News will bring to bear.
> More details will be forthcoming shortly - but for now here's a sneak  
> preview of the cover of the first issue:
> http://gbaz.github.io/haskell-world-news-1.jpg
> Credit to James Deikun, Jason Dagit, and Edward Kmett for suggestions as  
> to some of the topics covered.
> Regards,
> The Haskell World News Team
> "Well Typed News Doesn't Break"

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