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Sat Apr 1 05:00:29 UTC 2017

Fellow Haskellers,

Over the years, a number of newsletters have been produced on news and
developments in the Haskell world. There has been the venerable Haskell
Weekly News, under multiple editors. More recently, the Haskell Weekly was
started. These have been great publications. Nonetheless, in some ways they
have been too ambitious, and in other ways, not ambitious enough. Too
ambitious in seeking to publish weekly -- a grueling schedule, doomed to
sporadic lapses. Insufficiently ambitious in being just roundups of
articles by others. The Haskell world is maturing, and it needs a
publication that can reflect that, with in-depth reporting, original
research, and feature stories. That takes time to produce, and resources.
I'm happy to announce the launch of Haskell World News, a subscription-only
PDF newsletter with exclusive content that will break new stories and cover
the world of Haskell programming in a manner that befits its emerging
commercial success.

Why subscription-only, you may ask? Because print media, and subscription
media, is serious media. Fly-by-night weblogs report false theorems all the
time. The wave of the future is not bite-sized tweets and open-letters on
medium. It's shoe leather reporting that gets to the real stories.

To give just one example of the sorts of things we hope to cover --
everyone agrees Elvis Presley would have been a Functional Programmer. But
would he have used Haskell, or OCaml? It takes time and resources to
contract a medium to hold a seance and ask his spirit. And those are the
resources that Haskell World News will bring to bear.

More details will be forthcoming shortly - but for now here's a sneak
preview of the cover of the first issue:


Credit to James Deikun, Jason Dagit, and Edward Kmett for suggestions as to
some of the topics covered.

The Haskell World News Team
"Well Typed News Doesn't Break"
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