[Haskell-cafe] ANN: hledger 1.2

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sat Apr 1 01:32:29 UTC 2017

I'm pleased to announce hledger 1.2, on schedule.  Thank you to
release contributors Peter Simons, Stefano Rodighiero, Moritz Kiefer,
Pia Mancini, Bryan Richter, Steven R. Baker, Hans-Peter Deifel, Joshua
Chia, Joshua Kehn, Michael Walker, and especially Mykola Orliuk and
Justin Le!

Notable user-visible changes in this release:
new commands list,
more powerful balancesheet/incomestatement/cashflow commands,
more parseable print output,
better --pivot, 
basic automated postings and periodic transactions support,
more and easier addons,

Full release notes: http://hledger.org/release-notes#hledger-1.2
The next major release is scheduled for June 30.

hledger (http://hledger.org) is a dependable, precise, cross-platform
program for tracking money, time, or any other commodity, using
double-entry accounting and a simple plain text file format.  It is a
haskell reimplementation of Ledger, provides command-line, curses and
web interfaces, and aims to be a robust, practical tool for daily use.

To install this release:

Get stack, eg from http://haskell-lang.org/get-started
$ stack install --resolver=nightly hledger [hledger-ui] [hledger-web] [hledger-api]
$ ~/.local/bin/hledger

or see http://hledger.org/download for more installation options.
Our IRC channel is #hledger on Freenode, and you can find out more at

I hope you enjoy hledger and that it helps you achieve your goals.
If you have benefitted from hledger, please give back and make it stronger!
Donate using one of the funding links on the home page, give feedback,
report bugs, send pull requests, write about it, etc.


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