[Haskell-cafe] Looking for a source level debugger

Nikita Karetnikov nikita at karetnikov.org
Sat Sep 17 12:00:50 UTC 2016

Originally sent this to /r/haskell, but it doesn't show up there for some
reason, so re-sending here.

Is anyone aware of a source level debugger that can be used with GHC? That
is, something integrated into an editor (as a plugin, perhaps) that can
highlight the line being executed, show locals, etc. (Think of WinDbg
without the registers window.) I'm mostly interested in something that can
work on a Linux-based system, but solutions for other platforms are
welcome, too! I've heard that Sublime can run on 3 OSes, is there a
solution for it, for instance?

P.S. I'm not looking for opinions on whether you think a debugger is
necessary or not when programming in Haskell.
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