[Haskell-cafe] Very _very_ slow compiles on Windows 10

Nicu Ionita nicu.ionita at acons.at
Sat Sep 17 07:14:18 UTC 2016

Sorry, I forgot to answer to all...

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Betreff: Re[2]: [Haskell-cafe] Very _very_ slow compiles on Windows 10

>Oh, this could be a good hint! I don't have other protection except 
>windows defender, which is own Windows AV. (Reviews suggest that this 
>should be enough, altough on other PC - not with Windows 10 - I use 
>different AVs) But maybe the Windows own AV exhibits the same 
>behaviour. I will check this, thanks!
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>Betreff: Re: [Haskell-cafe] Very _very_ slow compiles on Windows 10
>>Do you have Symantec Endpoint Protection or similar antivirus? We 
>>found that under certain paranoid settings, even  "ghc --version"  
>>took upwards of seven seconds, and compilation was slowed by a couple 
>>of orders of magnitude. We think the AV was scanning the (large) 
>>compiler binary, plus any DLLs it loads, plus the source, interface, 
>>and object files read and generated, On every invocation. Linking was 
>>absolutely dog slow.  We also think the AV was deliberately throttled 
>>to never use more than 10% of CPU time, to avoid being noticeable to 
>>the user.
>>It is possible that there are AV settings you can tweak to avoid the 
>>paranoia, and trust the compiler, and any other file that has already 
>>been scanned once.
>>  Regards,
>>     Malcolm (iPhone)
>>On 17 Sep 2016, at 07:04, Nicu Ionita <nicu.ionita at acons.at> wrote:
>>No virtualisation, it is a dual boot maschine.
>>1 CPU would be good :-) In my case it is a very small fraction of it.
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>>Betreff: Re: [Haskell-cafe] Very _very_ slow compiles on Windows 10
>>>On 09/16/2016 06:10 PM, Nicu Ionita wrote:
>>>>  Is anybody else experiencing really slow compilations with GHC 
>>>>7.10.2 on
>>>>  Windows 10?
>>>>  I use stack to compile the project and run it under a mingw64
>>>>  environment provided by Github bash. The CPU usage is very low all 
>>>>  time (meaning: GHC does barely use the CPU). On same computer with
>>>>  Ubuntu 16.04 it just compiles normally, but under Windows it is for 
>>>>  10x slower, maybe even more.
>>>Are you using virtualization? I see the same thing under virtualbox 
>>>Ubuntu. Specifically, even after allocating 12 real CPUs to the VM, I
>>>never see stack-invoked ghc use more than one CPU. On rare occasions,
>>>the linker phase hangs. I have confirmed that ghc reports 12 
>>>I'm just glad that Windows is not my primary development platform; 
>>>entirely possible that virtualization is the cause. VirtualBox is not
>>>known for being a speed demon, but the compilation speed is indeed
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