[Haskell-cafe] Offline compilation with Stack/Cabal

Jan von Löwenstein jan.loewenstein at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 12:34:18 UTC 2016

Thanks for all the responses.

I couldn't yet find an option in stack to point to local source tarballs.
Custom snapshots at least currently only support Hackage packages and that
was the closest I found.

I briefly looked into `stack unpack <package>`, that might indeed provide a
workable solution. Although options other than the list of packages would
have to be duplicated between my "normal" stack.yaml and the one I use to
enable offline compilation.

I already thought about that, yackage sounds like a package that would help
implement it. Not sure if I like that option very much though.

Not sure if I get your proposal.
Running `stack build --prefetch --dry-run` lists my local packages as
"Would build". How would I get source tarballs of my dependencies and how
would I build them on an offline machine?


David Turner <dct25-561bs at mythic-beasts.com> schrieb am Do., 24. Nov. 2016
um 10:13 Uhr:

> Hi,
> Does
>     stack build --prefetch --dry-run
> get close to what you want? That seems to download all the necessary
> packages, and by using stack you get the ability to share compiled
> dependencies between packages.
> Cheers,
> David
> On 24 November 2016 at 06:57, Jan von Löwenstein <
> jan.loewenstein at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Consider the following use case:
> I have to ship a Haskell application as source, bundled with its
> dependencies and a script that can produce the binary on a machine without
> internet connectivity.
> Is that possible with Stack or Cabal?
> Any pointers would be much appreciated.
> Ideally I would like to build each dependency package individually. That
> way I could cache results per Haskell package and don't need to rebuild
> dependencies until they actually change.
> Best
> Jan
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