[Haskell-cafe] An idea on extensible effects (anonymous record)

MarLinn monkleyon at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 22 13:48:26 UTC 2016

>>  Which brings us back to fclabels I suppose.
> Can you elaborate this? I haven’t fully understand what is 
> “incorporate the tag in the class from the start” . Thanks you.

Suppose you have the original definitions

    class Has a t where
         get :: t -> a

    instance Has a (a, b) where
       get (a, _) = a

    instance Has b (a, b) where
       get (_, b) = b

This creates a conflict if you use an (Int,Int) tuple because there are 
either no definitions or two conflicting definitions for get.
As a solution you propose something along the lines of

    Has (Tagged “GetGetsFirst” a) (a,b)

  All I'm saying is that it seems useful or even necessary for sanity to 
combine Hasand Taggedso that you can write

    Has “fst” a (a,b)

The implementation should be something simple like

    class (KnownSymbol label) => Has label part whole | whole,label ->
    part where
         get :: Proxy label -> whole -> part
    -- 'Proxy label' is necessary because 'whole' and 'part' alone are
    not sufficient to determine the label. See (Int,Int).

The obvious downside is that it doesn't make as much sense to have such 
a class now. I must admit I'm not too familiar with the alternatives, so 
I can't really compare it. But this was just a flaw I saw. Hope this 
cleared up what I meant.


>>>> Does this differ significantly from fclabels or the upcoming 
>>>> OverloadedRecordFields extension? (Aside from being purely type 
>>>> driven, which has problems in your example if you compose a second 
>>>> Int into it.)
>>> 1. Yes, it’s similar to OverloadedRecordFields but doesn’t force you 
>>> to use a label, and you may use Tagged to label a field if you want.
>>> 2. Yes, but again, you can use Tagged to allow same type in 
>>> different disguise.
>> I can see a potential problem because you can't hide instances. Once 
>> you define a Has-relationship, you can't cheaply change it. That 
>> could lead to conflicts, unless you hack around it with orphaned 
>> instances in a separate module. But you say you want to solve 
>> conflicts with tagging – so it would be reasonable to incorporate the 
>> tag in the class from the start. Which brings us back to fclabels I 
>> suppose.
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