[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: Haskell Communities and Activities Report (30th ed., May 2016)

Anton Kholomiov anton.kholomiov at gmail.com
Thu May 19 08:43:02 UTC 2016

Great news! Thanks for putting it all together!

2016-05-19 2:46 GMT+03:00 Mihai Maruseac <mihai.maruseac at gmail.com>:

> On behalf of all the contributors, we are pleased to announce that the
>            Haskell Communities and Activities Report
>                 (30th edition, May 2016)
> is now available, in PDF and HTML formats:
>   http://haskell.org/communities/05-2016/report.pdf
>   http://haskell.org/communities/05-2016/html/report.html
> All previous editions of HCAR can be accessed on the wiki at
> https://wiki.haskell.org/Haskell_Communities_and_Activities_Report
> Many thanks go to all the people that contributed to this report,
> both directly, by sending in descriptions, and indirectly, by doing
> all the interesting things that are reported. We hope you will find
> it as interesting a read as we did.
> If you have not encountered the Haskell Communities and Activities
> Reports before, you may like to know that the first of these reports
> was published in November 2001. Their goal is to improve the
> communication between the increasingly diverse groups, projects, and
> individuals working on, with, or inspired by Haskell. The idea behind
> these reports is simple:
>   Every six months, a call goes out to all of you enjoying Haskell to
>   contribute brief summaries of your own area of work. Many of you
>   respond (eagerly, unprompted, and sometimes in time for the actual
>   deadline) to the call. The editors collect all the contributions
>   into a single report and feed that back to the community.
> When we try for the next update, six months from now, you might want
> to report on your own work, project, research area or group as well.
> So, please put the following into your diaries now:
> ========================================
>                      End of September 2016:
>            target deadline for contributions to the
>         November 2016 edition of the HCAR Report
> ========================================
> Unfortunately, many Haskellers working on interesting projects are so
> busy with their work that they seem to have lost the time to follow
> the Haskell related mailing lists and newsgroups, and have trouble even
> finding time to report on their work. If you are a member, user or
> friend of a project so burdened, please find someone willing to make
> time to report and ask them to "register" with the editors for a simple
> e-mail reminder in November (you could point us to them as well, and we
> can then politely ask if they want to contribute, but it might work
> better if you do the initial asking). Of course, they will still have to
> find the ten to fifteen minutes to draw up their report, but maybe we
> can increase our coverage of all that is going on in the community.
> Feel free to circulate this announcement further in order to
> reach people who might otherwise not see it. Enjoy!
> --
> Mihai Maruseac (MM)
> "If you can't solve a problem, then there's an easier problem you can
> solve: find it." -- George Polya
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