[Haskell-cafe] Code critique request

Michael Litchard michael at schmong.org
Fri May 6 18:29:40 UTC 2016

I've got this fizzbuzz project I am using for a blog series, among other
things. In this version, the fizzbuzz function is fed from a Fibonacci
generator. I'm particularly concerned with the efficiency of the Fibonacci
generator, but all scrutiny is welcomed.

I'll included a link to the entire project, but below are the parts I think
would be sufficient to spot trouble with how I am generating Fibonacci

-- Driver function performs following-- (1) checks that input is
proper-- (2) creates integer list for fibonacci generator-- (3)
calculates first x in fibonnaci sequence-- (4) generates fizzbuzz
output using (3)

fizzBuzzFib :: [Text] -> Either FizzError [Text]
fizzBuzzFib str =
mapM fizzbuzz          =<<
mapM fibb              =<< -- Possible problem here(\x -> Right [1 .. x]) =<<
convertToPInt          =<<
mustHaveOne str

fibb :: Integer -> Either FizzError Integer
fibb n = Right $ snd . foldl' fib' (1, 0) . map (toEnum .
fromIntegral) $ unfoldl divs n
    unfoldl f x =
      case f x of
        Nothing     -> []
        Just (u, v) -> unfoldl f v ++ [u]

    divs 0 = Nothing
    divs k = Just (uncurry (flip (,)) (k `divMod` 2))

    fib' (f, g) p
      | p = (f*(f+c*g), f^c + g^c)
      | otherwise = (f^c+g^c, g*(c*f-g))
        c :: Integer -- See codebase for reasons
        c = 2

The whole project, for your critiquing
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