[Haskell-cafe] Module name to package name index

Harendra Kumar harendra.kumar at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 12:10:51 UTC 2016

Is there something available which can answer questions like this -  what
all packages on Hackage export "Data.List" module? Another useful question
could be - what all packages export symbol named 'x'? Hackage search or
hoogle are not helpful in providing a precise answer to these.

I am assuming that related functionality usually lands up in the same part
of the module namespace. This fact can help us in discovering related or
alternative packages or functions available in a given area. For example
when I am looking for list related functions I can search for who all
exports "Data.List".

I guess creating such an index should not be difficult. All the necessary
information is available in the packages' .cabal files, we just need to
extract it and create a module name to package name index.

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