[Haskell-cafe] New version of itself

martin martin.drautzburg at web.de
Mon Jun 6 11:54:08 UTC 2016

Am 06/06/2016 um 12:42 PM schrieb Erik Hesselink:
> do r1 <- m1
>    r2 <- m2
>    return (r1 && r2)
> Erik
> On 6 June 2016 at 11:11, martin <martin.drautzburg at web.de> wrote:
>> Applicative does the trick. But using do-notation was my first attempts, but I could not figure it out. Can you see how
>> to do this (other than using `ap`)?

I thought this was what I tried, but I must have made a silly mistake somewhere. After your reassurance it works. Thanks.

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