[Haskell-cafe] Design Question - Functions taking 'subtype' like arguments but has to be restricted to one type

Gurudev Devanla gurudev.devanla at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 22:01:58 UTC 2016

Hello All,

I have a design question where I could use some of your thoughts and 
suggestions. Here is the setup. I apologize
for the long email but I have resisted asking this question, since it needs 
a long explanation, until now.

I have a set of data structures defined as follows

--  An Item that can be of two types,  one whose value can be changed, one 
whose value are frozen once created  
data Item = FreeToChange {freeToChangeCount:: Int}
  | CannotChange {frozenCount:: Int}

-- The item is part of a basket
data Basket = Basket { name:: String, item::Item }

-- The cart can have both kind of Baskets at the start of the program, or 
during runtime.
data Cart = List Basket

You can imagine this be a  shopping cart with fixed set of items. Where the 
count of
some of the items in the basket can be changed during shopping but not the 
count of the
items once they are tagged as frozen.

Therefore, valid operation are:

1. I can create an Basket with either FreeToChange item or CannotChange 
2. I can update the count for FreeToChange item in the Basket
3. But, once I create an instance of the Basket to contain the CannotChange 
   we cannot update the count anymore or update the Basket.

One approach I have taken is to throw an error if this happens  by pattern 
matching on type.  But, this is 
an runtime check.

addToBasket :: Basket -> Basket
addToBasket b = let
  i = item b
  i' = case i of
    FreeToChange f -> FreeToChange {freeToChangeCount = f + 1}
    CannotChange f -> error ("This operation is not allowed")
    b {item=i'}

Here are my questions:

1. Is there  a way to design the above data structures in such a way I 
could use the type system.  
2. Since, these are runtime changes, is it even a good design pattern to 
push this responsibility to a type system?


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