[Haskell-cafe] Local Haskell talk in Leipzig, 27 July 2016 at 3:30pm in HTWK

Heinrich Apfelmus apfelmus at quantentunnel.de
Tue Jul 19 17:11:15 UTC 2016

Dear (filter (`livesInOrCloseTo` Leipzig_Germany) haskellers),

we would like to invite you to a talk by

   Stephen Blackheath

   "They why and how of Functional Reactive Programming
    with Java/Sodium"

   on Wednesday, 27 July 2016,
      at 15:30 Uhr

   in Room Gu 102, Gutenberg-Bau, HTWK Leipzig


Geographical coordinates:

Afterwards (~ 17:00 Uhr) there will be a get-together in the Cafe 
Suedbrause <http://suedbrause.de>.

Stop Listening!

Johannes Waldmann and Heinrich Apfelmus

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