[Haskell-cafe] network package and SIGVTALRM

Andrey Sverdlichenko blaze at ruddy.ru
Thu Jul 14 19:34:18 UTC 2016

> The last part explains why my download still succeded until half the size
> of the file. But no sending any reply (because the message is too little
> to send) is a failure of interactivity on the protocol, not of message
> boundaries (which specify that the reply is 4 byte in length).

TCP with Nagle algorithm enabled will not hold data infinitely. In fact, it
only waits for a few tenths of a second, hoping there would be more data to
send. If not, whatever it has is sent away.
What your dumps show is a window announcement of size 0, which means there
was a lot of data successfully received by TCP stack, but never read from
socket, and this happens in both directions. You may want to check why you
processes stop issuing read/recv calls.
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