[Haskell-cafe] .cabal: API-compatible library versions

Adam Bergmark adam at bergmark.nl
Tue Jan 26 17:32:07 UTC 2016

> Thank you Dan. so changes in 1/10th indicate API changes?

Yes the first two components signify the major version.

The mysterious Backpack might be able to help with some of these things but
in general it's not enough just to look at the visible API. I might require
V10 of a library because it fixes a bug in a subtle way (such as changing
the encoding of certain characters in a URI), or changed behavior that
isn't visible in haddocks (a ToJSON instance that now produces property
names in lowercase). It can be argued that both of these should be changed
in a major update, but the PVP does not require this and neither can it
specify breaking changes to an arbitrary level of granularity. As a
maintainer I might still need to both whitelist versions I know are good
and blacklist those that are not to make sure users don't get a package
combination that doesn't work as expected.

- Adam

On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 6:10 PM, Imants Cekusins <imantc at gmail.com> wrote:

> .. also (with just semantic versioning as a guide)
> what about new API features which do not break previous API?
> new version -> clash?
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