[Haskell-cafe] .cabal: API-compatible library versions

Dan Burton danburton.email at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 16:36:43 UTC 2016

This is exactly what the Package Versioning Policy is for. By using
semantic versioning, your .cabal file can specify that you use version
1.0.* of a given package. Any API-compatible versions of that package are
supposed to be in the 1.0 range. Versions 1.1 and above are considered API

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016, Imants Cekusins <imantc at gmail.com> wrote:

> Stack may already do something like this, I don't know. Anyway, here is an
> idea.
> Currently .cabal lists version or version range.
> What if package info included lists of API-compatible versions of this
> package?
> Let's say one library requires v10 of packageA. Another library
> requires v15 of the same packageA. This is a hypothetical scenario :-P
> However v10, v15 are API-compatible as far as package maintainer
> knows. Package info specifies v10 and v15 as API-compatible too.
> What if it were possible to issue:
> cabal install packageA
> .. and then if v10, v15 are compatible, v15 is returned without warnings.
> If v10 and v15 are not compatible, cabal would warn.
> Basically instead of library clients needing to test multiple library
> versions or requiring 1 exact version, deps could be specified as 1
> version (with which development took place) and cabal (with hints from
> package maintainers) would figure this out.
> It might even be possible to fine-tune it to check modules & symbols
> actually used by library consumer app.
> ?
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